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July 2019


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    Lee's goofy review topic :P


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    Lee's goofy review topic :P Empty Lee's goofy review topic :P

    Post  Lee on Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:21 am

    Welcome to my review topic, take a seat and enjoy what I have to offer. Delighted
    I'll write my reviews using these categories: story, music, gameplay, graphics, other and a overall score, all scores will be out of 10.

    Lee's goofy review topic :P 1z6s1ab

    Story: The first long-awaited cricket game for the Wii, does it measure up?, read on and find out.

    Music/Sounds: Not much music in this game other than the menu screen music, ingame sounds aren't bad, but I found that every player more or less sounds the same, and when a wicket is lost, the "celebration" is a bit over the top.
    Music/Sounds score is 3/10

    Gameplay/How the Wiimote works with the game: pretty good overall, the game works well with the Wiimote but it could be much better, the game comes bundled with a mini cricket bat that you can attach your wiimote to when you bat, not a bad idea, but since the 1 button pauses the game, I found myself seeing the pause screen many times during a match, hold the A button as you swing to defend, hold the B button as you swing to hit a lofted shot, swing the bat normally to hit a safe shot, + and - buttons move the batter left and right, press down on the control pad to manually aim your shot and the 2 button to display the captains advice, as you bat, you will notice your batman's confidence go up or down, go down and they play badly, go up and they play better, to run you press the B button, and press again if you want to run a second time, you can shake the wiimote to run faster, press the A button to cancel a run and dive for the crease, timing is also a factor, there is a timing bar on the on-screen display to show you how your timing is.
    Bowling- You have the option to shine the ball, not sure if it does anything though, aim with the wiimote, then you click on the ball and as you run in you hold down A for a slow ball or B for a fast ball, if you bowl 3 green deliveries, you can then hold down A+B to bowl a perfect ball, fielding is automatic, you also have the option to change the field, under the fielding radar there are two buttons that can change the field to 5 different settings, or you could just click on the radar itself and change the fielding anyway you want.
    Fielding, there should be an option to field manually, because the fielder AI is really bad, I was bowling and it the ball was hit and it happened to pass a fielder who only looked at it because it was going to another fielder, cost me a run and I said some choice words to my fielders afterwards Razz
    Commentary- Nothing spectacular i'm afraid, 5 commentators in total and the only time they talk about the match is when there is a 4 or 6, when a wicket is lost, and when the over is over.
    Gameplay score is 6/10, the batting is somewhat good, the bowling could be better but it is still good, the commentary could be better, but at least it's not repetitive.

    Graphics: The game looks pretty good in terms of graphics, each stadium is recreated as closely as possible to the real deal,

    Other: This is what this game has to offer.
    Teams: Only 8 teams with only Australia and Englands players named correctly, and the rosters, since this game is based off 2009 player rosters, it is a bit out of date.
    Stadiums: 10 in all, with only one from Australia yet there are 5 from England
    Exhibition- Two options here, classic cricket and double wicket, classic cricket is what you would expect from a normal cricket game, you have the option to play a test match as well as a 6, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 over match, 3 difficulties and 2 weather settings. Double wicket is more or less the same, except you only use two players and you need to score as many runs as possible with the over limit, the over limit being the same as classic cricket
    Scenarios- Each of the 8 teams have 7 scenarios to complete, these help you get better at the game, examples of a couple of scenarios for Australia are: take 2 wickets in 4 overs and score 20 runs without losing a wicket.
    Ashes- Play the 5 tests of the 2009 Ashes series between Australia and England.
    Tutorials- Come here to improve your batting and bowling.
    Options- Change your game settings here, options are: Sounds, Crowd, Music, Commentary and the way the score is displayed.
    Other score is 5/10, plenty of options in terms of gameplay, but with the lack of local teams and competitions from Australia and England, it takes away from the game, lack of stadiums and properly named players just ruins the game.

    Overall: They had the right idea with this game, but failed in the execution of making it, I have one thing to say, buy this game at your own risk.
    Overall score: 5/10

    Alrighty, first review done, never actually thought it would be that long, maybe I went into it too deeply, I value any comments, feel free to add any and i'll use them to make my reviews better.

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