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    How to install Homebrew Channel on a 4.2 Wii


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    How to install Homebrew Channel on a 4.2 Wii Empty How to install Homebrew Channel on a 4.2 Wii

    Post  Rebecca on Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:54 pm

    How to Homebrew a 4.2 Nintendo Wii

    Disclaimer: Nobody is responsible for your mistakes or bricking if you mess up, so don't go whining or suing me! You should be fine as long as you have at least a half'a brain!

    You Will Need
    * A Nintendo Wii with System Software 4.0, 4.1 or 4.2
    * An Blank SD Card with at least 500MB Storage (SDHD cards are NOT supported)
    * A Wii remote or Gamecube controller
    * A LOT of patience!

    This guide will be useful to you if...
    * You have 4.0 or 4.1 on your Wii and want to upgrade to 4.2 without bricking your Wii.
    * You have already upgraded to 4.2 and homebrew is corrupt.
    * You have upgraded the latest version of the Wii Shop Channel and homebrew is corrupt.

    This guide will NOT be useful to you if...
    * You have a version of Wii below 4.0
    * If you have bricked your Wii without a NAND Backup.
    * You are using this guide to illegally play games, go save up some money legit, ya moocher!

    Step 1: Installing The Homebrew Channel

    1) Format a SD Card to FAT32 (FAT and NTFS are not supported)
    2) Download this file and copy the contents to the root of the SD Card.

    Note: The "root" of an SD is the main section with the file folders, many new Brewers are unsure what the root is.

    3) Turn off your Nintendo Wii and insert the SD Card into the slot.
    4) Boot up your Wii, on the Main Menu click the SD Card Icon.

    Note: If the system freezes upon loading the SD Menu, then you are not using 4.2

    5) When asked whether to boot Bannerbomb, select yes.
    6) Follow the prompts until you get to a menu.
    7) On the menu, use the D-Pad on your Wii remote and select The Homebrew Channel
    8) Select Install. Once installed, return to the menu.
    9) Next select DVDX, once installed, return to the menu.
    10) Now select BootMii. Select Install as IOS. (Do NOT select Boot2)
    11) Once installed, exit Bannerbomb and Restart your Nintendo Wii. Keep your SD Card in the slot!

    Step 2: Backing up your Nintendo Wii

    Note: If you have a GameCube Memory Card inserted into the Wii, remove it. If you have a GameCube Controller, plug it in now.

    1) Boot up your Nintendo Wii to find a new icon on your Main Menu called The Homebrew Channel, launch this program.
    2) Once you come to a new menu, push HOME on your Wii remote and select BootMii.
    3) On the new menu, use your GameCube controller's D-Pad to navigate to the forth option.

    Note: If you don't have a GameCube Controller, use the Power Button on the Wii to move and the Reset button to select.

    4) On the Settings Menu, select the first option with the picture of an arrow pointing at a SD Card.
    5) Follow the prompts to backup your Nintendo Wii's NAND.
    6) Once successfully completed, restart your Nintendo Wii.

    Step 3: Configuring The Homebrew Channel

    1) Launch The Homebrew Channel. Use your Wii remote to navigate and select 'Trucha Bug Restorer'.
    2) Once loaded, press B to choose "No IOS Reload". Go to "Downgrade IOS15" and press A to downgrade. Everytime it says "Load IOS from SD Card" press A on the Wii remote.

    3) Once completed, run Trucha Bug Restorer again and choose IOS15 and press A (DO NOT PUSH B ). Choose IOS36 Menu. In there use these settings:
    Install IOS to slot (36)
    Hash Check (trucha) Yes
    ES_Identify Yes
    NAND Permissions Yes

    Then press A on "Install Patched IOS36". Again press A when it says "load IOS from SD Card"
    4) Once completed, again re-run Trucha Bug Restorer from BootMii and choose IOS36 and press A. Then choose restore IOS15. Again, when it says "Load IOS from SD Card", Press A.
    5) Restart your Nintendo Wii and then Re-run Homebrew Channel and Load 'Any Title Deleter'). If you get any errors just press A. Then select System Titles and press A. Then, select IOS222 and press A to delete. Do the same for IOS223, IOS249 and IOS250.
    6) Restart your Nintendo Wii and then re-run Homebrew Channel and load "cIOS38-rev14 Installer". Choose IOS36 and press A and then choose "WAD Install" and press A.
    7) Restart your Nintendo Wii and then re-run Homebrew Channel, then load "Dop-IOS v8" Keep pressing right until you find IOS53 and press A to select yes to install and Sig Hash Check. Do the same for IOS55 and IOS70. Next press home to return to The Homebrew Channel.
    8) Once back in The Homebrew channel, load up "MIOS Patcher" and using a GameCube Controller Press X and then select MIOS v8 and press A to install.

    Note: If you don't have a GameCube Controller, skip the previous step.

    9) Once complete, restart your Wii and return to The Homebrew Channel, load up "WAD Manager 1.4" and follow the prompts until you get a to a selection menu with two options. Use your Wii remote's D-Pad to select the option that says "Shopping Channel-NUS-v18" and then push A to install. Once installed, restart your Wii.

    Step 4: Clean up your SD Card

    1) Turn off your Wii and remove the SD Card from the slot, insert it into your computer.
    2) In the root of the SD Card, remove the following files and folders:

    3) Open up the "apps" directory and remove the following folders:
    Trucha Bug Restorer v1.1
    Wad Manager 1.4

    4) Safely remove the device from the computer and re-insert the SD Card into the Wii to complete maintenance!

    Step 5: Celebrate! (optional)

    1) Upon finishing this daunting task successfully, try to hide your astonishment afraid
    2) Do a dance of joy Dancing
    3) Sing a happy song cheers
    4) Enjoy a whole new world of gaming!

    Now I know this is a ridiculously long tutorial, so if you have any questions, me or someone who knows the answer can help you out. Just, please, don't complain to me if your Wii gets bricked, it only bricks if you're doing something SERIOUSLY wrong, so if you follow each step perfectly, you should be fine!

    How to install Homebrew Channel on a 4.2 Wii AnimatedOkamiSig
    How to install Homebrew Channel on a 4.2 Wii Rebecca
    ^ Credit to StarBurst! ^

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